Legal Representation With A Personal Touch

Since opening our doors in 2007, we have sought to practice law differently from other firms in the valley. Our approach is to handle your case with a personal touch. We believe that no two cases are alike, and that each case involves real people with specific concerns. Our staff is easy to reach, and we work hard to keep our clients updated as their cases develop.


Focused On Helping People Move Forward From Divorce

Our firm excels at dividing retirement accounts.

Dividing retirement assets in Peoria, Arizona

A Focus On QDROs

Our practice caters to cases that involve retirement division through qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs). Retirement assets are a part of the property division process of divorce that can easily be overlooked. We recognize how essential these assets are to former spouses’ ability to move forward to the next phase of life with security. Because some retirement policies also include survivorship benefits, it can also be essential to children of the marriage to ensure that the details of the QDRO process do not get overlooked.

OUR MISSION: Advancing Your Long-Term Interests

Our mission is to guide our clients through the legal process in order to obtain the best possible result under the law. We will do this with character, integrity, ethics and honesty.