Use Mediation To Cost-Effectively Resolve Your Dispute

Some disputes are harder to resolve than others. When two parties fail to reach a compromise through informal discussion, it’s time to call a lawyer. You have the option to file a formal lawsuit and pursue litigation, but that can quickly lead to ever-increasing legal fees and emotional courtroom arguments.

Fortunately, there is another way to resolve legal disputes without ever setting foot in a courtroom: mediation. Under mediation, each party is represented by an attorney, and those attorneys communicate their clients’ wishes through a neutral, third-party mediator. By letting the lawyers negotiate on your behalf, you can avoid much of the emotional stress that comes with a legal battle. It also frequently results in a faster resolution, saving you money.

Family law attorney Jessica M. Cotter is an experienced mediator. In addition to serving as a neutral third party, she has also represented individual clients in the mediation process. For disputes involving divorce and other family law matters, our firm can help you through the mediation process in whatever capacity you need.

15 Years Of Local Knowledge And Experience

Our firm has to date 15 years of experience conducting mediation in courts throughout Arizona. We have an extensive network of family law contacts that allows us to work productively and amicably with other attorneys and mediators. Because our firm has been practicing family law and mediation for a decade and a half, we provide a sense of order and experience even when a new judge is still learning the ropes.

If you are facing a disagreement related to divorce proceedings, mediation can help. This method of dispute resolution is also commonly used when parties are trying to modify an existing arrangement such as child support or spousal maintenance.

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If you’re not sure what steps to take in order to reach a compromise in your family’s legal dispute, we can help you understand your options. The Law Firm of Jessica M. Cotter P.L.L.C. is committed to helping families reach resolutions quickly and efficiently. To schedule a consultation in our Peoria office, call 602-584-9005, or contact us online.

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